Scope and Content

Counterpart of D/PG/23.

(i) Paul Panton of Plasgwin, co. Anglesey, esq.

(ii) Edward Jones of Penucha's plwyf, parish of Skeiviog, co. Flint, miner, Richard Rogers of Holywell, co. Flint, farmer, Thomas Hughes of Gadles, Holywell, smelting and mine agent, and Evan Rogers of Gelliloveday, parish of Skeiviog.

All mines, veins, pits, groves, rakes, beds and holes of lead, boose, smythom, caulk and calamine in, under or upon lands at Penucha'r plwyf, Skeiviog.

Term: 21 years.

Rent: 30s per ton of lead, boose and smythom; 20s per ton of caulk and calamine.

Consideration: adventure and trial being made for ore, and rent and covenants.


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