Memorandum of Agreement

Scope and Content

1. Thomas Paynter Williamson, Glanllyn, Amlwch, farmer; Griffith Evans Williamson, 21 Sea Bank Rd., Egremont, co. Chester, builder; Margaret Grace Thomas of Bryneilian, pa. Llaneilian, wife of William Thomas; Ann Mary Williamson, Glanllyn, pa. Amlwch, spinster; Grace Gertrude Hughes, Plas Bach, pa. Cerrigceinwen, wife of William Richard Hughes; all co. Ang. unless otherwise stated.

2. Ishmael Williams, Berlin House, Amlwch Port, retired master mariner; William Williams, Tyddyn Main, Nebo, pa. Llaneilian; William Williams, Rose Bank, Amlwch Port, master mariner and Catherine Evans Williams, wife of the aforesaid William Williams; all co. Ang.

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT for the sale of the rest of the real property in consideration of the parties in 2 agreeign to the sale of one sixth of the farm and lands called Glanllyn, pa. Amlwch, co. Ang.

Conditions Governing Access

Dim cyfyngiadau/ No Restrictions


Os gwelwch yn dda archebwch y dogfenau gan ddefnyddio y rhif cyfeirnod amgen (lle ddarperidd) / Please order documents using the alternative reference number (where provided)

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Cyflwr da /Good condition