Scope and Content

(i) Peter Mostyn of Taleacrey [Talacre] esq.

(ii) Thomas Hanmer knight, John Salusburie of Ruegg, John Hanmer, John Wynne ap Hugh esq. and Edward Thelwall gent.

In performance of a deed dated 20 Sep 1569 between (i) and John Conway esq., (i) enfeoffs (ii) in a messuage and lands late of Agnes verch Harrie now in the occupation of William Mostyn junior, a messuage and lands late of Gruffith ap Ithell now in the occupation of said William, and lands called Tyr Rhobyn in the occupation of said William, in the towns of Picton and Axton; a messuage of lands in the occupation of John Lewes in the parish of Llanassaph [Llanasa], and 2 water-mills with granaries and watercourses belonging, with meadows jointly called Melyn Rhyd y Mwyn in the occupation of Gruffith Vilinyth in the parish of Kilken [Cilcain]; also all other manors messuages lands tenements and mills of (i) in Gwesper [Gwespyr], Picton, Axton, Kelstan [Kelston], Gronant, Gwayniscor [Gwaenysgor], Relifnoyd, Merton, Moston [Mostyn?], Llystyn Hyneth, Skiviog [Ysceifiog], Treirrllyn, Treir Keven, Trellan, Trevays y Gwys, Doleveghlays, Llasycoyd, Tre Vechan [Trefechan], Trevraith [Trefraith], y Ddol, Treythan Vawr, Treythan Vechan, Coed y Llay, Weper Brock [Wepre Brook], Coal mines and Gwysaney co. Flint; also a parcel of wood containing 100 acres in the town of Greinfild [Greenfield] called y Koyd Mawr [Coed Mawr] alias the King's Wood, a rent of £3.6s.8d. per annum out of 5 acres of land in Pristatton [Prestatyn] in the occupation of Thomas Conway of Nant gent., a rent of 13s.4d. per annum out of the lands of Thomas ap John ap J... in Axton, all the messuages lands and tenements of (i) in the towns of Penbedow [Penbedw] and Trelan in the parish of Nanerch [Nannerch] co. Denbigh, and all other messuages lands and tenements of (i) in co. Flint and Denbigh (except those in the parishes of Flint and Halliwell [Hollywell], which were not mentioned in the said deed), to hold to uses declared in the said deed.

Power of attorney to Peter Gruffith, William Thomas and Edward ap Hugh ap Rees gents.

Endorsement: note that these lands were to remain to Peter Mostyn in tail male with remainder to William Mostyn his second son.

Counterpart of D/MT/32.


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