Scope and Content

(i) Sir George Mostyn of Talacre baronet.

(ii) Thomas Patten of Warrington co. Lancaster esq.

3 messuages in Greenfeild [Greenfield] in the occupation of John Vaughton, John Voyce and John Jones, and so much of the parcel of land formerly called the Hemp Yard that was formerly leased to George Scott paper-maker, and afterwards to Jonathan Robinson and Thomas Hall, near the old paper-mill sluice (detailed bounds given); also an iron forge and other buildings erected on part of the premises, formerly in the occupation of Robinson and Hall, with liberty to erect an additional building; also a charcoal house and pool and stream of water, with liberty to dam the same to work the forge or any other engine to be erected for any use other than smelting of lead ore, copper ore, or slags, or refining the same or making red lead or any other metal "that is sulphurous so as to be poisonous or hurtfull to man or beast or grinding of corn".

Term: 21 years.

Rent: £12 per annum.

Consideration: surrender of former lease by (i) to Jonathan Robinson gent. since deceased and Thomas Hall ironmonger, afterwards assigned to (ii).


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