Covenant to Levy a Fine and Final Concord

Scope and Content

Covenant to Levy a Fine, 01 Apr 1633.

(i) David Gruffith of Merton Ughlan, co. Flint, gent.

(ii) John Moston of Greenefield [Greenfield], co. Flint, gent.

Annexed: Final Concord at Hollywell [Holywell], 06 May 1633.

(i) John Moston, gent.

(ii) David Gruffith, gent.

1 messuage, 3 cottages, 10 acres of land, 40 acres of pasture, 5 acres of wood, 5 acres of furze and heath and appurtenances in Greenfeild [Greenfield], co. Flint.

Consideration: £100.


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