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Scope and Content

(i) Sir Edward Mostyn of Talacre baronet.

(ii) Anthony Harrison of Golch, parish of Whitford, miner.

Lease by (i) to (ii) of mines of lead ore, coke and calamine in a piece of land containing 5 meers in length, measured from the south hedge of a parcel of land in Holywell called Gyrn fechan, extending southwards along the hedge between two parcels of land called Pant y nea and Erw Evan, and containing 2 meers in breadth, one each side of the same hedge.

Term: 21 years.

Rent: 25s per ton of lead ore for the first eleven years, and 12s.6d. per ton of coke and calamine, and 30s. and 15s. respectively in the remaining ten years.

Endorsement: re-entered on 2 May 1763 by Pyers Mostyn of Greenfield esq.


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