Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) Edward Mostyn of Tallacrey [Talacre], co. Flint, esq. and John Mostyn, his son and heir apparent.

(ii) Henry Foxe of Hurst, co. Salop, esq.

(iii) Sir Edward Foxe [ ] Montgomery, knight, Sir John Conway of Bodrythan [Bodrhyddan], co. Flint, knight, Priamus Lloid of Marrington, co. Salop, esq., Edward Foxe of Bockleton, co. Salop., esq., Robert Roberts of [ ] , co. Flint, gent. and Leonard Musgrave of Hurst, co. Salop.

Conveyance to (iii) of the Talacre estate, co. Flint, upon trusts (specified).

Consideration: intended marriage of John Mostyn and Anne Foxe, daughter of (ii) and her portion of £1,000.


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