Scope and Content

(i) Llwky verch Ithell ap Bleth' ap Gruffith ap Grono widow and freeholder in the town of Merton in the commote of Colshull.

(ii) Edward ap Gruffith ap Meredith.

An acre of land in the said town lying between the land of Howell ap Gruffith Lloit on one side and the land of Robert ap Rees ap Bleth' heir of Tangwist verch Jollyn, and lying in length between the land of (ii) at one head and the land of John ap Ken' ap Ithell on the other.

Witnesses: Rees ap Harry ap Ithell, Howell ap Gruffith Lloit, John ap Ken' ap Ithell, Robert ap Rees ap Bleth' and Gruffith ap Jenkyn ap Thomas and others.

Dated at Merton Friday after Feast of St. Michael 22 Edward IV.


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