Scope and Content

(i) Margaret Griffith of Gyrne spinster.

(ii) Piers Mostyn of Talacre esq.

Mines and pits of coal in the lands of (ii) in Gwespyr and (Picton?)...lane leading from Picton to Gwespyr, and in a parcel of land in Gwespyr called Gellibant, with liberty for (ii) and his servants to sink, dig, trench, sough and mine, and liberty to carry away with carts and carriages both to sea and land all coal got both in the premises and in the lands of (ii) in Gwespyr. Covenants concern filling up of pits etc.

Term: 41 years.

Rent: one seventh of the coal or the value in money thereof (at the choice of (i)) of coal taken out of the eye of pits digged in the lands of (i) and (ii) if the same coal is got in the lands of (i) and in consideration of the liberty for carriages, 4 barrels of coal for every 6 days work done in the coal-works in the lands of (i).


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