Transcript of 3 Final Concords

Scope and Content

(a) 29 September 1595.

(i) Piers Mostyn esq. plaintiff.

(ii) John Hope esq., Matilda his wife, and George Hope his son and heir apparent, defendants.

7 messuages, 1 toft, 60 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow, 50 acres of pasture, 10 acres of wood, 20 acres of moor and 60 acres of heath and briar in Gronante [Gronant], Prestaton [Prestatyn] and Nante [Nant].

Consideration: £100.

(b) 11 October 1591.

(i) Thomas Mostyn, Roger Puleston, Peter Gruffith esq. and Richard Lewis gent., plaintiffs.

(ii) Piers Mostyn esq. defendant.

3 messuages, 2 cottages, 1 salt pit, 1 mill, 60 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood and 100 acres of heath and briar in Mertyn, Mostyn and Boughton.

Consideration: £100.

(c) 22 April 1588.

(i) Piers Mostyn esq. plaintiff.

(ii) Thomas ap Ieuan Kenn', Robert ap John ap Robert, Grace his wife, Thomas ap Robert ap John, Richard ap Thomas ap Ithell and Thomas ap Richard ap Thomas defendants.

4 messuages, 4 gardens, 40 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture, 3 acres of wood and 20 acres of heath and briar in Kelston, Gwespir [Gwespyr], Picton and Mostyn.

Consideration: £100.


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