Articles of Agreement

Scope and Content

(i) Dame Barbara Mostyn widow of Sir Edward Mostyn baronet deceased and guardian of Sir Piers Mostyn now an infant of 6 years, eldest son and heir of Sir Edward, Hon. Robert Lee of Lee Place co. Oxford esq. and Piers Mostyn of Greenfield (brother of Sir Edward), executors of Sir Edward.

(ii) Thomas Pearson of Pen y ball parish of Holywell, miner.

Agreed that Dame Barbara may lease to (ii) mines of lead, caulk and calamine under 4 meers of ground in length in Pant y Gwindie, parish of Holywell, and also 46 yards of ground in length to the west of Pant y Gwindie ending westwards at a mine called Clawdd, in breadth from lands granted to Samuel Mostyn and others on the south to lands granted to divers persons on the north.

Term: 7 years.

Rent: 30s. per ton of lead ore gotten in Pant y Gwindie, and for small ore gotten in the 46 yards; 40s. per ton of round ore gotten in the 46 yards, and 15s. per ton of caulk and calamine.


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