Scope and Content

(i) Piers Mostin of Talacrey [Talacre] esq., Hugh Mostyn of the Upper Grange gent., and Piers Mostyn and Thomas Mostyn sons of said Hugh.

(ii) Edward Morgan of Gould Greave esq. and Edward Mostyn of Basingworke [Basingwerk] gent. and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of said Edward Morgan.

Capital messuage called Place yn Picton in Picton, with closes in Picton and Axton (names and bounds given) belonging.

Term: lives of said Edward Mostyn and Elizabeth his wife, and Bartholomew Mostyn gent. brother of Edward.

Rent: £6 p.a.

Consideration: £60 to Hughe Mostyn from Edward Mostyn.


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