Articles of Agreement

Scope and Content

(i) Dame Teresia Mostyn of Greenfield widow and Pyers Mostyn of Greenfield, brother of Sir Edward Mostyn late of Talacre baronet deceased, and executor of his will, in trust for Sir Pyers Mostyn, an infant, eldest son and heir of said Sir Edward.

(ii) Anthony Steeple of Coetcae Mawr parish of Holywell gent.

Agreed that (i) shall lease to (ii) mines of lead ore, caulk, calamine and copper ore in Grange Tenement in the township of Holywell in a field called Pant y neff, which is now staked out from the south hedge of the said field northwards upon Pant y nef Vein or Rake into a parcel of land called Barbers Work (formerly wrought by Mr. Thomas Williams and partners), and 3 meers in breadth.

Term: 5 years.

Rent: 30s. per ton of lead ore, 15s. per ton of caulk and calamine, and 50s. per ton of copper ore.


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