Articles of Agreement

Scope and Content

(i) Piers Mostyn of Greenfield esq., brother of Sir Edward Mostyn late of Talacre bart deceased, executor in trust for Sir Piers Mostyn, eldest son and heir of Sir Edward.

(ii) Rev. Thomas Jones of Kellyn co. Flint clerk.

Agreed that (i) may lease to (ii) mines of lead, caulk, calamine and copper under a field called Coetcae pella ucha and the upper half of Coetcae pella issa, in which lands is the mine called True Blew (the lower part of the field is set to Mr. Fox and others with Coetcae Edward ap Hugh), which field and half are in Holywell township in the holding of William Berry.

Term: 12 years.

Rent: 30s. per ton of lead ore, 15s. per ton of caulk and calamine, and one seventh of copper ore.

Endorsement: memorandum that (ii) died before this agreement was executed, and that Henry Steeple of Holway gent. agrees to keep the covenants to be kept by (ii) upon having his privileges. 29 Sep 1759.


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