Final Concord at Flint

Scope and Content

(i) Edward Foxe, esq., John Conway, esq., Priam Lloyd, esq., Edward Foxe, gent., Robert Roberts, gent. and Leonard Musgrave, gent.

(ii) Edward Mostyn, esq.

80 messuages, 20 tofts, 1 mill, 2 dovecotes, 100 gardens, 500 acres of land, 300 acres of meadow, 500 acres of pasture, 100 acres of wood, 200 acres of furze and heath, 50 acres of moor, 40 acres of marsh and £13.6s.8d. rent with appurtenances in Gronant, Kelstan [Kelston], Picton, Axton, Greenefield [Greenfield], Hollywell [Holywell], Coleshill, Rhelofnoyd and Prestattyn [Prestatyn], co. Flint.

Consideration: £800.

Counterpart of D/MT/812.


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