Bagshawes of the Oakes and Castleton: Correspondence and Papers

Scope and Content

Papers of the Bagshawes of the Oakes and Castleton comprise seven sub-subfonds:

  • BAG/8/1/1-7: Correspondence of Richard Bagshawe (d. 1750), 1726-44, 7 items;
  • BAG/8/1/8-23: Correspondence of Richard Bagshawe (d. 1776), 1747-74, 18 items;
  • BAG/8/1/24-204: Correspondence of William Bagshawe (d. 1785), 1734-85, 201 items;
  • BAG/8/1/205-211: Correspondence of John Bagshawe (d. 1791), 1780-90, 7 items;
  • BAG/8/1/212-301: Personal correspondence: various, 1709-96, 90 items;
  • BAG/8/2-3: Business correspondence of Richard Bagshawe (d. 1750) and John Bagshawe (d. 1791), 1653-1797, 694 items;
  • BAG/8/4-5: Papers of John Bagshawe, second son of Colonel Samuel Bagshawe of Ford Hall (d. 1801), 1727-1803, 4546 items.

See also BAG/19, supplementary correspondence and papers of the Bagshawes of the Oakes.


The previous arrangement and numbering system of this subfonds have been retained, although they do not adhere to best-practice archival principles.