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This collection of mainly title deeds was given to the office in July 2008, accession 5754. They relate mainly to property in Cokethorpe, Ducklington and surrounding parishes in Oxfordshire, but also premises in other counties. The link seems to be that most of them were purchased by the Harcourt family and/or Maximilian Western in the early to mid-C18th. Western purchased Cokethorpe Estate from Simon Earl Harcourt in 1766. Sir Simon Harcourt had purchased the estate in 1710.

There is much overlap of premises within the different sections of the catalogue, which has been based as far as possible on the bundles as they were found at the time of cataloguing.

The original ink numbers used in the bundles haven't always been retained as part of the document reference in the catalogue, as for some properties documents additional to the bundles (but clearly part of the sequence) have turned up in other parts of the collection. Some deeds appear to have been lost or destroyed before transfer, as there are gaps in some series.

Catalogued by Mark Priddey, September 2012

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