Josephine Butler to Mrs Ford of Leeds

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Photocopy of letter. Written from Liverpool. Regretfully, she has to postpone the visit to her friend (suggested in letter of Nov 30) as she has promised to stay at Westwood [see note] during the meeting of the Trades Union Congress at Leeds on 13 Jan and following days. But she may dine with them one of those days so as to get personally acquainted with Mr Ford and Rawlinson. The Northern Electoral League 'wants us to make use of the Trades Union Congress in some way to further our cause.'

Administrative / Biographical History

Date from postmark on envelope

'coming to Westwood during the meeting of the Trades Union Congress in Leeds on the 13th and following days' - This was the residence of Miss Theodosia Marshall, an old friend of JB's. See note attached to letter of 30 Nov 1872 JB to Mrs Ford. The Trades Unions started their annual meetings in 1868 and have kept them up to the present day

'Mr Ford and Rawlinson' - These were Mrs Ford's husband and son respectively

'Northern Electoral League' - See JB to Mr HJ Wilson 24 Aug 1872

Biog: Mrs Ford; Mr Ford and Rawlinson; Miss Theodosia Marshall (Westwood)