Mr Charles Herford to Mr Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Manchester. His delay in replying was because he did not think that 'either the material or the spirit of your letter and circular agreed with the spirit of the Resolutions finally adopted at Birmingham'. But after a talk with Steinthal and a letter from Stuart we consider that 'it is better to work with you and the Midlands, while keeping on good terms with the National'. He (C.H.) will probably be the only representative available for the Parliamentary Committee so he would be glad to know what kind of work they expect from the Representatives. Makes other suggestions.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The Resolutions finally adopted at Birmingham'. This was the Conference held at Birmingham 7 Nov 1882. See Record of the Resolutions passed 7 Nov 1882. 'I want these particulars to lay before our Committee'. 'a meeting for the rebutment of the Parliamentary Report'. This refers to the Majority Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons. (See Note: letter of 30 Oct 1882.) Biog: Mr Charles J. Herford; Rev S.A. Steinthal; J. Stansfeld.