Josephine Butler to Mme Troubnikoff

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Photocopy of letter in French. Written [from/to?] 280 South Hill Park Road, Liverpool. Document missing from file see notes for content.

Administrative / Biographical History

'la longue et terrible guerre qui pendant six mois a alsorbe toute votre attention' - This was the Franco-Prussian War which started Aug 1870 and though ended on the field of battle by the German victory of Sedan (1 Sep 1870) followed by the surrender of Metz (14 Oct 1870) was carried on by the 131 days siege of Paris

'Jai lu dans le 'Daily News' ... que la commune de Paris ... avait abolie les bureaux qui s'occupaient des Moeurs. Je suppose que cette mesure ou rapport aux bureaux don't M Le Court etait chef' - The Commune of Paris, a provisional Govt of Socialist and left-wing Republicans was elected in Mar 1871 and held power until May when the Versailles troops (of the French Govt) captured Paris and massacred at least 20,000 people. It is famous as the first Socialist Govt in history. The closure of the Offices of the Police de Moeurs in Paris was one of their acts, an act approved by JB because it released the prostitutes from the slavery of total police control

'le systeme ... appels ici Acts des Maldes Contagieuses, et je crois bien pres de sa fin' - An optimistic opinion from early days of the struggle. The CD Acts were not repealed till 1886

'J'ai ete mandee a donner temoignage [?en] ce sujet au Comite de la Chambre des Lords ... Pendant pres de quatre heures j'ai ete soumise a un severe examen devant la Commission royale ...' - This was the Royal Commission appointed to enquire into the working of the CD Acts

It met first on 1 Dec 1870; on 18 Mar 1871 JB was called to give evidence; 13 May the Commission ended its sittings and Jul 7 the Report was published

For further notes on this see JB to 'Dear Friends' 8 Jul 1871

Biog: Le Cour; Mr Gladstone