Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friends' (the Miss Priestmans)

Scope and Content

Written from Winchester (dictated). Brings up the subject of M. and Mme. Humbert, as Mr Stuart, as Treasurer of the Federation, 'scarcely felt able to make the necessary means to keep up M. Humbert's office and work', and after the Congress in London wrote formally to this effect. While in Switzerland she thought they both looked very over-worked and aged: for though officially now without an office he is still the referee for everything that is done by the Executive Committee on the Continent and he is always being called upon to help in writing work. 'His resources are small and he gave up everything for the Federation work.' She thought that her friend might ask the LNA Committee to help with a grant and she would also ask Mr Stuart to reconsider the matter and try to obtain for at least another three years a sufficient grant to maintain their valuable services. Very few of the workers for the Cause in Switzerland are persons of much means. It would be very encouraging for the Humberts if the LNA wrote expressing their gratification over the success of the Woman's Petition and the influence they have gained in the Federal Council at Berne. Also suggests that missionaries going out to India might be stirred up 'to take the Cause to heart'

Administrative / Biographical History

4 Jan 1887 'after the Congress in London'. This was the Congress of the International Federation for 1886 held in London in Jun 1887. It was the Victory year celebrating the Repeal of the CD Acts (16 Apr 1886). 'The success of the Woman's Petition [in Switzerland] and the influence they have gained in the Federal Council at Bern.' 'A numerously signed petition from the women of Switzerland has recently been presented to the Federal Government on the whole question of morality, the protection of girls, the abolition of the white slave trade and of the official regulation of vice. The petition was considered in full Council and was ordered by the Government to be printed in the five different dialects of Switzerland and to all the Cantonal Governments of the country accompanied by an official circular signed by the President, calling the attention of the Cantonal Governments to the important subject of the women's petition.' (The 'Sentinel' Jan 1887 p.18) 'The Indian Messenger.' See Note Letter of 29 Dec 1886 JB to the Miss Priestmans. Biog: M et Mme Humbert; M Minod.