Josephine Butler to Mr and Mrs Thorp

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Written from Galewood, Nr. Wooler, Northumberland

She has lately been 'much moved by the accounts of the terrible poverty in London, as well as on other large cities'. She would like to write an appeal to Christian hearts to be published in some paper, but is held back by the difficulties for her of dealing with correspondence; she can only write when lying down. She has however an impulse to 'write my heart out to you a little, kind friends, and to ask you if you will perhaps pass on some of my thoughts to other members of your Society [the Friends] more or less privately'. She will write gradually what they can pass on, and send on the rest the next day.

[This special appeal piece of writing not found with her letter]

Administrative / Biographical History

23 Dec [1903]

'Other members of your Society' i.e. Society of Friends (Quakers)

'He wrote to me on the subject of 'Native Races''. This was the book JB had published in 1900 on the native races and their relations with the Boers in South Africa. See Note Letter of 13 May 1901, JB to Miss Forsaith.

'I have lately been much moved by the accounts of the terrible poverty in London as well as in other large cities.'

The winters in the 1890s (especially 1895) were particularly severe and moved JB to comment in many of her letters on the sufferings of the poor people.

See letters of 31 Jan, 11 Feb and 2 Mar 1895.

The first part of 1900 was also marked by severe winters and the north would have more snow than in the south of England.

Biog: Mr and Mrs Thorp, Mr Boorne of Cheltenham