Josephine Butler to Mr McLaren

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Written from 2 Albany Place, St Andrews, Fife

Tells him she is writing to Mrs Fawcett and asking her to get information in South Africa about CD Acts. Points out that there is a considerable change of view in the Army on that question. This is not believed by Mr HJ Wilson and the majority of the Westminster Repeal Committee. She thinks that such an attitude of hostility towards all men connected the Army and the War Office is wrong. Several such are on the road to be converted if they were met half way. General Baden Powell in a letter to her wrote most sympathetically of her book 'Reminiscences of a Great Crusade' and calls our repeal work 'a great and good work' while Lord Roberts 'has joined his name to those of two prominent Abolitionists in an appeal to the soldiers about purity of life'. Speaks of the work of a soldier missionary who had been in South Africa and had come to see her. Asks him to forward this letter to Mrs Fawcett as it saves her the labour of repeating. She would be so happy if she could promote a 'more friendly and less bitter attitude towards army opponents.

Administrative / Biographical History

'My book 'Reminiscences of a Great Crusade'', first edition 1896; second edition 1899.

'I am also writing her [Mrs Fawcett] to get information in South Africa about any designs for establishing the CD Acts'

See letter of 18 Jul, JB to Mrs Fawcett.

'James Taylor an ex 17th Lancer who was one of those who accompanied Lord Roberts on the famous march from Cabul to Kandahar'

'During the Afghan War of 1878-80 General Roberts occupied Kabul, and subsequently made a famous march to Kandahar, where he won a complete victory' (1880)

(Hutchinson's 20th Cent. Encyc.)

Biog: Mr Walter McLaren, Mrs Fawcett, General Baden Powell, Lord Roberts