Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith.

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Written from Ewart, Northumberland.

Most relieved to hear that the whole matter of the Halls is settled. Praises the Friends whom she has got to know well and their great virtue of equanimity. She is asking Bramwell Booth to send them 500 men and women to help to fill Exeter Hall 'without red jerseys' He has so much trust and humour [incomplete]

Administrative / Biographical History

'I am writing to Bramwell Booth ... to ask him to lend us 500 men and women at least to help to fill Exeter Hall'

Bramwell was the eldest son of General Booth and as she said 'a great friend of hers'. In 1885 Bramwell and his wife had worked with JB in supplying Stead with material for his notorious articles in the Pall Mall in 1885 on criminal vice in high society in England under the title of 'The maiden tribute of modern Babylon'

So when JB needed help in any work she would call upon the Bramwell Booths. She also helped them in Switzerland when the Army was attacked by the authorities in several cantons and Miss Booth impressed at Neuchatel

Biog: Mr Gledstone, Mr Bramwell Booth