Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

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Says her friend may regard it almost as a dying request that she publish a group of letters about the Cause in the 'In Memoriam. Harriet Meuricoffre' in the 'Shield'. They are at the beginning of a chapter which is headed 'The Geneva Congress 1877'. Her sister was at the opening of that Congress. If Mr Wilson wishes to cut them down at all, omit them altogether. It must be all or nothing. If you can arrange with Marshall (publisher) for an advance copy, do so. Ask Mr Stuart to translate them for the Bulletin [the organ of the Federation Internationale at Geneva.]

Administrative / Biographical History

2 May [1901]

'a group of letters about our Cause in the 'In Memoriam' book about Mrs Meuricoffre'

'In Memoriam: Harriet Meuricoffre' Horace Marshall. Published in the autumn 1901

'she [Hatty] alludes so sweetly to my Eva's death and to the growing up of this great crusade out of that deep heart wound'. The tragic accident occurred in 1864 when the family had just returned to Cheltenham after the summer holiday. (In a letter of Jul 1906 JB to Miss Forsaith, she given an account of it and its effect on her and her husband). For its immediate effect JB's sister [Hatty] believed as many others did at the time and do now that the ruling emotion which drove JB out to minister to the outcasts of Society was a wish to find people more unhappy than herself

'ask him [M Minod] to translate them for the 'Bulletin' as early as he can'

This was 'Le Bulletin Continental' the organ of the Federation on the Continent started in 1875. (For further details see note letter of 7 Nov 1886 MA Humbert to JB)

Biog: M Minod