Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

Scope and Content

Photocopy. Written from 5 Rue de Musee, Neuchatel.

Refers to family affairs and other activities; she could spare the last money she sent as she has not needed to send Charlie any lately; criticism of 'this disgusting Government' and of 'such a Premier as Lord Salisbury'. Recounts the horrors of Geneva where there is a reign of devilry [see letter of 25 Jan]. She emphasises that she was involved in the public work in Geneva against her will, and that she does not want to come forward in England again 'only to watch the others'. Says she never hears from Stuart now. She is very concerned about Burfoot [the agent who manages the business side of her publications] who is lying helpless after a bad accident; she has sent him all the money she can spare. She complains a little of her treatment by the Federation who have left her to pay all her expenses although 'I am old, a widow, and have served 21 years'

Administrative / Biographical History

'such a Premier as Lord Salisbury'

Lord Salisbury's 2nd Cabinet was formed Aug 1886 and lasted till 1892 when Gladstone was returned.

'Mr F Burfoot'

whom JB describes as 'my one practical helper now' was indeed an indispensable aid to her in this period when she had no office of her own and was cut off from the voluntary helpers of early days. He managed the business side of her publications like the Dawn, dealing with subscriptions and business letters. He was also a good shorthand writer and attended conferences for reporting the speeches. The wonder therefore she was very distressed when she heard of his bad accident and immediately sent him all the money she could spare. (See letter F Burfoot to JB 30 Jan 1891 about his accident)

'It seems strange that I should have been pushed into such a fierce conflict, here, all alone, ...' See letter of 25 Jan 1891 from Geneva from JB to Rhoda in which JB relates how she became involved in the case of assault on 5 little girls. She failed but raised a stink. See also letter about this incident in letter of 4 Feb 1891.

Biog: Lord Salisbury (Cecil, RATG 3rd Marquis of Salisbury); Mr F Burfoot; Charles Butler (son); James Stuart