Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Priestman]

Scope and Content

Written from Winchester. Complains of the troublesome behaviour of Miss Bewicke constantly attributing to them 'things we did not say or do'. However 'it seems now that the London Branch will take all the expense of both day and evening Exeter Hall meeting' [See Note]. Hopes they will get Joseph Arch for Derby as he is so well known and beloved there [See Note]. 'Charles Dilke told Stuart that the policy of he Government now will be to ignore us.'

Administrative / Biographical History

Date Thursday [5 Dec 1883] 'No London paper noticed that grand speech of Stansfeld's and the grand Town Hall meeting at Birmingham.' 1883 RR 462, 30 Nov 1883: meeting, Town Hall, Birmingham: the Mayor (Ald. W. Corse), Mr Stansfeld etc (for details see 'Shield', 15 Dec, p.279). Probable date therefore Thursday after 30 Nov, i.e. 6 Dec. 'I have had the very greatest trouble with Miss Bewicke.' Though the matter was apparently settled from the letter of 20 Nov 1883, Miss Bewicke continued to make difficulties and in this letter JB says: 'had I better ask for a written statement about the money part?' (For Note on the two-day LNA meeting of 5 & 6 Feb 1884, see letter of 10 Feb 1884, JB to her son Stanley.) 'We shall be fortunate if we get Joseph Arch for Derby.' This was to speak at the LNA annual meeting to be held at Derby, 28 Jan 1884. They were successful in doing so. Biog: Miss Bewicke; Sir Charles Dilke; Joseph Arch.