Josephine Butler to 'Dearest Friends' [the Miss Priestmans]

Scope and Content

Copy extracts from a letter. Written from Pension Buchegg Muri pres Bern. Canon Butler struck with rheumatic fever and heart in early summer of 1886 was when better ordered abroad; on another attack was moved to Berne and then in Oct moved out of Berne a short way into the country.

Josephine Butler writes of her 'sorrowful circumstances, cold and wet weather, returning rheumatic fever; the only consolation we have out three sons who come out from Bern daily; also she has her dear sister, Hatty Meuricoffre. Returning to Federation business, will they get in touch with Prof. Stuart; he visited her out there and knows her views. She asks them to send the appeal and the Statutes to all the Secretaries of the LNA and explain her situation. She hopes that they will never give up till the women in all countries are free. Our Government must be made to produce these ordinances in force in India. She urges that they should continue a separate women's organisation for at least a year.

Dated: 19 Oct [1886]