Josephine Butler to [unknown]

Scope and Content

Photocopy of part of a letter.

'Agnes McLaren writes to me from Rome' JB gives a summary of Agnes' letter. Agnes presented the Pope 'with a written Supplication in Italian, asking him to express his approval of the work of our Abolitionist Federation'. His reply to her and to all who co-operate with her was 'We impart from our heart the Apostolic Benediction'. When she showed this to the Rector of the Scotch College he told her to add on publication 'Rescript of Pope Pius X'

Administrative / Biographical History

[Nov 1905] The letter may be dated from the early part of Pius X's tenure of the papal office, end of 1905.

'Agnes McLaren writes to me from Rome'

JB gives a summary of the letter

'The Pope'

This was Pius X who held office from 1903-1914

The Rector of the Scotch College in Rome told her [Agnes] when published [The Encyclical given Agnes by the Pope] there should be added 'Rescript of Pope Pius X'

In 1895 Cardinal Vaughan reported to her that Pope Leo XIII, who preceded Pius X, had made up his mind to issue the Encyclical which JB had been working on for so long. This latter one was therefore a 'Rescript'

Biog: Agnes McLaren; Pope Pius X