Mr AJ Mundella to Mr Wilson

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Written from Nottingham. He emphasises again his aversion to speaking on this question in public. He gives an account of the work involved in his duties of MP and earning his living all of which takes 'time, thought and labour'. Gives his views on the 'Military Question'.

Administrative / Biographical History

'We have got to look the Military question in the face and it will end in the abolition of mercenaries and the arming of the people in the defence of the country'

This idea was promulgated by many of the Liberals especially among the Nonconformists of the Midlands and North. It stems from the opposition in England to a standing army felt in the 16th and 17th centuries when the great powers with their standing armies threatened England; and it was feared that the English Kings would adopt the same course against the Parliamentary party. It was of course entirely unsuited to a country with a far-flung Empire as England was at this period.

Biog: AJ Mundella; Dr Acton