Josephine Butler from Liverpool to Mrs George Butler (her mother in law)

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Photocopy of letter. Has been so occupied with educational meetings no time for her own letters. They had enjoyed having Arthur (brother of Rev. George). Hatty (JB's sister) is making great preparations to receive her numerous relations: Butlers, Garstons, Leupolds and Massons.

She had helped Mr Winterbotham, MP with material for the speech he made on the 14th (education). She made her first attempt at 'public speaking' at a meeting at the College; it went well. She intends publishing it in the periodical she is bringing out, dealing with women's education all over Europe. Perhaps Emily would subscribe to it. She encloses a prospectus of it [entitled 'Nowadays']

Administrative / Biographical History

Liverpool, Friday Jun [18] 1869

Hatty is making great preparations to receive us and the Garstons ... the Leupolds and Eliza Masson and Maud and Constance ... will all be [there] for Aug and Sep

'The Garstons' - Mary Ann, JB's eldest sister, b 1821, known in the family as 'Aunt Tully' married Edgar Garston (1779-1873) a colourful personality who fought as a volunteer in the Greek War of Independence - He spent his youth on the Continent which included many years in Italy where he developed a close friendship with the Meuricoffres. He was an accomplished linguist. On his return to England he settled as a merchant in Liverpool and a close friendship grew up between the two families (Butlers and Garstons)

'Eliza Masson' - For details of her life see note letter of middle of Dec 1853. For Edith Leupold, her daughter see note letter of [1 Aug] 1866

'Maud' - Daughter in law to Mrs Garston; married to her only son, Edgar

Constance was most probably the Constance who was daughter of Eliza Masson by her 1st husband William Morrison, and sister of Edith (see above). She married a Mr Baldwin

'Endowed Schools' - See note on letter of JB to Albert Rutson 1 Jun 1869

'Mr Winterbotham' - was Liberal MP for Stroud

'sweet Thekla, 3 years old' - This was the Meuricoffre's little girl whose photograph JB was sending to her mother-in-law to see Hatty had lost two little girls in 1866

'1st no of the magazine of which I enclose a prospectus if Emily wld subscribe to it it would help' - This is probably the periodical entitled 'Now-a-days' the 1st no of which was dated 1 Jul 1869. The idea of this periodical came to JB from her introduction to the Volume of Essays 'Woman's work and woman's culture' (1869) in which she wrote of the state of woman's education all over Europe. She therefore launched the periodical entitled 'Now-a-days' which should keep everyone in touch with these movements. No subsequent issue has been traced. (See also letter of 27 May 1869 JB to Mme Troubnikoff). JB herself wrote no more on this important subject the reason being that within three months she had embarked on the Crusade against the CD Acts. (see note letter of Apr 1869)

'Harrow speeches' - This means Harrow 'Speech Day'. Henry Montagu Butler (1833-1918) the Rev George's brother was Headmaster of Harrow 1859-1885. He went on from there to be Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. George Butler, the father of George and Montagu was Headmaster of Harrow 1805-1829

'I have saved up the money I got for my horse' - This was 'Black Prince' mentioned in letter of Jan 11 1869 when she was staying in London. She relates how she had 'a ride on my own Black Prince in the Park ... My poor old pet knew me'

Biog: Arthur Butler; Eliza Masson; The Leupolds; The Garstons; Maud

Constance; Mr Forster; Mr Winterbotham MP; Dr Kerr of Cheltenham; Mr Markby of Cambridge; Mr Fitch; Guizot