Josephine Butler to Miss Priestman

Scope and Content

Written from Wimbledon. Has been working very hard since Apr preparing for the Federation Conference at Brussels in Oct, but hopes to slacken off in Sep. Mr Stuart has gone with his wife to Switzerland to recuperate after two attacks of influenza and much work. She has taken over from him the task of raising money for those who cannot afford to pay all expenses for themselves at the Conference. She has been writing long newsy letters with her own hand to all and sundry and finds 'it is not the rich people who give most willingly'. Gives details of people who are going both English and Continental. She specially wants someone from the Jura to report on the repeal which they gained for their own canton (Neuchatel) (see note).

Administrative / Biographical History

'people are asking for the Report of the LNA' The annual meeting of the LNA that year was held 29 May; and as a rule the report was read or presented there and printed shortly after.

'I have worked really enormously ... since the end of Apr and must continue to work hard through Aug' JB's letters are fall of preparations for the Congress of Brussels Oct 5-8 (See letters of 25 Jun, 2-2 Jul.

'... our Federation delegated me to attend and watch this Hygienic and Demographical Congress in London next week' See note for letter of 4 Jul 1891 JB to Miss M Priestman.

'I want one of my grand mountain men and a lady from the Jura to come to report the repeal which they gained for their own Canton'. See letter of 23 Feb 1891 from Amelie Humbert to Mrs Tanner announcing the abolition of the licensed houses of ill fame in their Canton (Neuchatel).

Biog: Mr and Mrs Clark (of Street); Mr Stuart; Mr Thomasson; Samuel Smith; Mr Burfoot; Mrs Cyril Flower (Lady Battersea); Mrs Garnett; M de Laveleye; Dr Nevins; Dr Stourovenkoff; M Westerberg; M Allien

Reveillard; Felix Boret; Miss Wellhaven; M Pagny; Tomassi-Guideli