Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

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Photocopy of letter. Written from Winchester. Glad to hear from people who know the Egyptian climate that it is not dangerous to those who live temperately [she is thinking of Charles who was out there]. Tells him about the visit of Emil Boss [he was the proprietor of the Bear Hotel at Grindelwald and was much attached to the Canon. He came over to persuade the Bishop of London to get the Canon appointed Independent Chaplain of Grindelwald] He brought eight St. Bernards with him and two were there in the stable, such elephantine pets. 'Father secretly enjoys them'.

Administrative / Biographical History

27 Feb [1885] 'Boss is negotiating with the Bishop of London to get father appointed independent Chaplain of Grindelwald.' For the previous two years Canon Butler had thought that 'a church was required at Grindelwald for the yearly increasing numbers of visitors who went there, and he set himself to promote the building one.' Emil Boss was the proprietor of the Bear Hotel at Grindelwald and a famous mountaineer and was much attached to the Canon. (Recollection of George Butler, by his wife p.39) Carlo was a successor to another dearly loved dog. He was a handsome thoroughbred retriever, quote black with shining curls ... His attachment to his master, whom he outlived for two years, was profound.' 'Emil Boss has been staying with us for a few days ... he has 8 St Bernards with him. Two are here in the stable ...' From Hutchinson's Dog Enclyclopedia - 'Quarantine laws (canine animals) came into force in 1901 amended in 1928. Various muzzling orders for internal outbreaks of Rabies from then till present day.' An opinion of a dog breeder with a knowledge of many breeds after hearing about the arrival of 8 St Bernards in England in 1885: 'What a splendid sight! They are among the most handsome of all breeds, with a high measure of intelligence - never common but so rarely seen today (cost of feeding and proper housing) I wonder how 8 were conveyed from A to B - horse drawn van? No mean task. '(Letter of Oct 1973) Writing of Emil Boss' visit to them in England with the 8 St Bernard's JB says: 'Emil told marvellous travellers tales to Adela and Rhoda, and kept us all lively. 'Adela was the daughter of Charles (JB's brother) by his 1st wife. She died in Switzerland of TB Dec 1890. Rhoda was a daughter of Emily (a sister of JB) who married as her 2nd husband Jasper Bolton. Rhoda married Stanley (JB's 2nd son) in 1886. Biog: Pericles Green; Emil Boss; ('Adela and Rhoda'); Rhoda Bolton; Adela Grey.