Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Priestman]

Scope and Content

Discusses the re-writing or re-printing of some of their best papers. Asks her to report at Committee on their Agents' work (Bligh and Burgess), that she considers it very satisfactory. 'Burgess is getting memorials to Cross, Home Secretary, for me, as we are his constituents.'

Date: Reference to Burgess (Agent) 'getting memorials to Cross, Home Sec. for me'. R.A. Cross was Home Sec. during Disraeli's tenure of office from Feb 1874 to Mar 1880. His second period of office as Home Sec. was from Jun 1885 - Feb 1886, which is after the date when the letter was written. 'We are his constituents', i.e. of Cross MP for South-West Lancashire. The Butlers did not leave Liverpool till end of 1882. Reference to 'The Examiner'. This was a weekly review that was founded in 1808 and had a long career as one of the most prominent organs of the Liberals. It ended in 1881. The date of the letter was therefore before 1881 and after 1874, i.e. c.1879.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The reclaimability of prostitutes.' This referred to the pamphlet 'On the moral reclaimability of prostitutes' - National Association, 1870. 'a little American book called 'Womanhood' by Mrs Hooker; you will see an address of mine to women reproduced in it ...' 'Womanhood: its sanctities and fidelities' by Mrs Isabella Beecher Hooker, 1874. Biog: Peter Taylor; Hooker, Mrs Isabella Beecher; R.A. Cross MP Home Sec.; Henry Bligh; William Burgess .