Miss Wolstenholme to Mrs Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Congleton. Mr Wilson will know that she is doing all she can about the Wesleyans. 'Pontefract is one of the towns proposed as a Military Centre. I think it ought also to be early interest as to the Mutiny Act and I shall beg you before you leave to arrange for the distribution of circulars which I will order to be sent to you unless Mr Stuart makes other arrangements'. 'Hope Childers may be forced to account publicly for his proceedings in relation to these Acts'. Gives her a list of people to send a copy of each circular and handbill to.

Administrative / Biographical History

'... that I have done and am doing all I can about the Wesleyans' See notice of the Wesleyan Conference 1-2 Aug

See note to letter of 6 Aug Mr Frederick Clark to Mrs Wilson

'Pontefract is one of the towns proposed as a Military Centre' See note letter of 13 Aug Mrs Ursula Bright to HJ Wilson

'in the Mutiny Act' Note on this see JB to HJ Wilson 23 Aug 1872 and HJ Wilson to the Editor of the local paper at Pontefract Aug 1872) [This sentence beginning 'I think it ought also to be' is difficult to decipher]

Biog: Miss Wolstenholme (Elmy), HCE Childers, JH James DD, Rev W Griffith, Madame Venturi