A Resolution passed at a meeting of the British Committee of the International Federation held on 17 Dec 1902

Scope and Content

Invites the most earnest and critical attention of its members and friends to certain suggestions that have been made with a view if measures preventative of the prostitution of minors and other prophylactic proposals, lest it be found that they may subtly introduce methods dangerously akin to the State Regulation of Vice, for the entire abolition of which this organisation exists...

The Committee proceeded from generalities to particulars and single out M. Minod's paper presented to the International conference for the Prophylaxis of Syphilis and Venereal maladies, held at Brussels 1-6 Sep 1902, for special comment. They quote comments made by Mr AH Ward, FRCS Surgeon to the London Lock Hospital in the 'Medical Times and Hospital Gazette' 29 Nov 1902.

Administrative / Biographical History

Circular containing a resolution passed at the British Committee of the International Federation on 17 Dec 1902. If Mr Wilson, as JB says in a letter of [20 Jan 1903], had expressed the Committee's views 'in a personal letter to M Minod all would have been well and M Minod would have sent him the full explanation of the supposed dubious passages'. Unfortunately he sent the bare circular and that 'has been such a wound to Minod and his fellow workers abroad'

In a letter of 24 Jan 1903 (JB to Mr Johnson) JB suggested as a means of avoiding friction between English and Continental Abolitionists that the London Committee 'should restrict its action to England, India and our Colonies and leave intricate questions of European legislation etc. to [those] who from the 'Commission Administrative' on the Continent. They are persons in whom I have full confidence'

Thanks largely to JB's conciliatory letters and constructive suggestions the breach was mended

Letters connected with the quarrel are:

18 Dec 1902 British Committee's circular containing resolution passed 17 Dec 1902

Wed [14 Jan 1903] JB to Miss Forsaith

Tuesday [20 Jan 1903] JB to Miss Forsaith

22 Jan 1903 JB to Mr Edmondson

24 Jan [1903] JB to Mr Johnson

4 Feb 1903 Miss Forsaith to Mr Edmondson

Biog: Rev G Armstrong Bennetts, Miss Goff, M Minod, HJ Wilson