Josephine Butler to Mr Johnson

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Written from 39 Clarence Square, Cheltenham. No year but other letters were written from this address in Cheltenham in 1903.

Two proposals, which she thinks might be put before the Westminster Committee (she has also written similarly to Mr Stuart). (1) that the Committee should be re-enforced by the addition of some men with some knowledge of Continental Laws and political conditions. Or if this cannot be done, (2) that the London Committee should restrict its action to England, India and the Colonies, and leave the intricate questions of European legislation, etc. to those who form the 'Commission Administrative' on the Continent. 'There are persons in whom I have full confidence'. Mr Wilson judges everything from the English point of view (he does not even read French) and his Committee largely composed of women who also know nothing of foreign ways and the methods of the Latin mind' Wilson allowed a resolution criticising a Resolution which followed the discussion on Minod's paper. This was a Resolution of the Conference for which Minod was not to blame. He wrote to her on receiving the Resolution and said that he wished to resign but happily his European friends would not let him.

A fault that Henry Wilson has is that he feels that in the case of a paid official, he and everybody has the right to pull him up sharply, and she herself had noticed that he has treated Minod at our Conferences abroad 'with cruel contempt and severity'. Miss Forsaith has triumphed over this, 'but she suffered at first'. She is praying that 'cordial friendship may be restored and maintained in our hitherto united International Family'

Administrative / Biographical History

A further endeavour by JB to clear up the misunderstanding between Henry J Wilson and M Minod. See letter of 18 Dec 1902 with note and letter of JB to Mr Edmondson 22 Jan 1903

Biog: Mr HJ Wilson, Mr Maurice Gregory, M Minod