Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

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Written from Buckingham Palace Hotel, London. No year given but reference to George Butler's baby, and his first child, Hetha, who was not born until Jul 1896 suggesting the year 1897

'He says such funny things in his letters about his baby'. George Butler and his daughter Hetha.

Feeling very low because of the pea-souper fog and after the bad crossing.

'I am delighted to hear of Bob's good report'. Perhaps it is 'hereditary scholarship' developing in him. This was her grandson, Stanley's boy, born Sep 1888.

'Stuart and his wife are to arrive at home to-day'

For an earlier account of their trip to Egypt see letter of Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler from Vevey dated 10 Jan 1897 and letter dated 21 Feb [1897] Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith.

'He [Stuart] will find plenty of work waiting for him. The Regulationist party are marching on with their noses in the air'. The motion and debate about it in the House of Lords was postponed until after Easter. See note on Pro Acts people - letter dated 21 Feb 1897 Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith and Oct 1896 Josephine Butler to Stanley.

Has a take of practice of the 'black art' in London, by one who is a pupil of Mme Blavatsky. They are divided now into two sects, one called the Satanists and the other the Luciferians.

Administrative / Biographical History

'Bob' He was christened Stanley Butler but always known as 'Bob' or 'Bobbie' as a child and later on as Andrew.

George Butler married Mia St Paul Jan 1893 and their first child Hetha was born Jul 1896. (See letter Josephine Butler to Miss Priestman 3 Jun 1896).

Biog: Madame Blavatsky