Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Written from [St Andrews].

Asks her to send her a bound copy of the 'Storm Bells' [a periodical written and published by JB from Jan 1898 to Jul 1900] and address it to Newcastle where she will be staying. She has to economise strictly as she had to help Stanley 'in trouble in these bad times'; and she is also saving up for Charles's possible voyage to South Africa. Comments on the sad news that day 'of this double victory of the Boers over us', of the wreck of the 'Cobra' the loss of 76 Blue Jackets and thirdly an earthquake in Scotland.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The Stormbell' The last number published of this periodical was Jul 1900. The first number was Jan 1898.

'What sad, sad news today of this double victory of the Boers over us' In 1901 Kitchener's policy was to conquer the country by a system of blockhouses built first along the railways and then pushed independently across the country with wire fences to divide it into closed compartments. This lasted till the end of 1901 and was characterised by many daring offensives by the Boer leaders. But the system gradually wore the guerrillas down and 23 Mar 1902 the Boers sued for peace. (Ensor, 'England 1870-1914', pp 346-7.)

'The terrible week of the Cobra' This ship of the Royal Navy was commissioned in 1900 and lost in Sep 1901. (Date of loss of 'Cobra' confirmed at Greenwich Maritime Museum, MS Dept.)

Biog: Mr Maurice Gregory, Mr Cooke