Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Written from Ewart, Northumberland.

Tells her that two months ago when she was at St Andrews she was approached by members of the Women Workers Society to suggest a leading abolitionist woman who could tell them about their cause. Then some of them asked if she herself would speak to them on the subject but impossible at the time. Miss F. might like to tell her Committee about this correspondence.

Administrative / Biographical History

25 Apr [1898]

Date: 'I see there is one [minutes of the next Committee at Tothill St] on the subject of a delegation or deputation to the Congress of Women Workers' This was the National Union of Women Workers which held its Annual Conference at Croydon on 28 Oct 1897 at which the following resolution was proposed by Millicent Garrett Fawcett seconded by the Hon Mrs AT Lyttelton and carried with 3 or 4 dissentions:

'The General Committee of the NUWW views with alarm the recent legislation dealing with VD in the British army in India believing that it is likely to lead to the re-imposition of the CD Acts repealed in 1886'. See 'Shield' Dec 1897 p 63.

JB had been asked earlier in the year (see her letter) if some leading Abolitionist woman could explain to members of the NUWW the origins and cause of the agitation. She herself was unable to undertake the task but suggested to Miss Forsaith that the Committee might take up the question

'Where is Sarah?'

This refers to Mrs Sheldon Amos, an ardent worker and speaker but not, obviously, 'persona grata' to JB

'I have no doubt you will find some Hall or room for our meeting'

This would refer to the Annual Meeting of the LNA which was held that year 9 Jul at St Martin's Town Hall, London

'Congress of Women Workers' See note on date

Biog: Lady Aberdeen, Mr Bunting, Mrs Sheldon Amos, Mrs de Selincourt, Mrs Terrell, Mrs Andrew