Josephine Butler to Mr Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Liverpool. First deals with business of the movement: 1) Application of a man to be an agent in Liverpool; 2) Manchester and a request from Miss Wolstenholme that it may be roused but that has proved impossible with Miss Becker and others whose support does not aid the cause; 3) Report sent to the Archbishop of York was answered by an insulting letter from the Archbishop's secretary. Then follows a detailed description of Mr Gladstone's visit to the College and the luncheon, which the Butlers gave in his honour. Her final verdict: 'after careful thought I feel it my duty to say 'hope nothing from Mr Gladstone as Prime Minister in respect of our cause.'

Administrative / Biographical History

'Electoral League - a League of men not women' - See note on 'Meeting at Sheffield to inaugurate Northern Counties League in letter JB to HJ Wilson 26 Aug 1872

'Midland Counties Electoral Union' - See note in letter JB to HJ Wilson end of Sep 1872

'The United Kingdom Alliance' - For note on this see letter of 6 Jul 1872 JB to Mr Frederick Clark

Insulting letter sent by Secretary to Abp of York to Mrs Smyttan (JB's sister) who had sent the Abp, at her sister's request, a copy of their annual report. Later in Jan 1874 the Abp declined to see a deputation of his clergy and James Stuart on the subject. We have suggested on that occasion that he regarded the movement solely as an activity of the Nonconformists and therefore outside his sphere of interest

'Strauss and his unbelief' - Strauss, David Friedrich (1808-1874) German theologian and man of letters. In his 'Leben Jesus' (1833) Strauss abandoned the historical character of the Gospel stories, so that the miracles of Jesus in the New Testament are purely mythical embodiments of Christian doctrine. The 4th ed (1840) was translated by George Eliot with a Latin preface by Strauss, 1846

Biog: Mr Edmondson; RF Martineau; Mr William Burgess; Mr Raper; Wolstenholme (Mrs Elmy); Miss Becker; Mr Berford; Abp of York (Wlm Thomson); Mrs Smyttan; Mr WE Gladstone; Mrs Gladstone; Willie Gladstone; Mrs Kenway; Canon Kingsley, Canon of Chester