Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Written from 10 Gilmore Road, Lewisham, London.

Telling her new engagements of the next few days. Has decided to reduce by half the number of the 'Storm Bell' to be printed in future and sent to Tothill Street. Thinks a great number of them could be distributed during the Jul Congress. Refers to the re-election of Lady Henry as 'a miserable and a bad affair' and 'all the fine speeches about her, and her re-iterated self defence about the six propositions.

Administrative / Biographical History

'We are ... calling ... just two or three friends for consultation chiefly concerning Exeter Hall meeting on 14 Jul which is purely LNA work'

In connection with the Congress which met this year in London 12-15 Jul, the LNA held its 21st anniversary meeting at Exeter Hall on 14 Jul. JB was in the Chair but was not equal to making a speech herself

(For further details of this meeting see the 'Shield' Aug 1898 p 147)

'What a miserable and bad affair is this re-election of Lady Henry, and all the fine speeches about her and her reiterated self defence about the six propositions'

Lady Henry Somerset was re-elected President of the BWTA [British Women's Temperance Association] at the meeting of that body on 10 May.

(See the Shield Jun 1898 p 118)

See note on 'the six propositions' in letter dated 27 Apr 1897

For notes on the general Lady H affair see 1 Jul, 13 Jul, and 7 Aug 1897

'Her position and that of her adulators is worse'

See letter of JB 15 Mar 1898 to Mrs Spence Watson on this subject with special reference to HP Hughes this 'fulsome article on her recantation'

'Mrs Tanner and I are to meet at the Devonshire House Institute [HQ of the Friends Assoc] on the morning of 20th I stay the night of the 19th after the Friends Meeting at that hotel'

'The Friends' Association for Abolition of State Regulated Vice held their Annual Meeting at Devonshire House on Thursday 19 May. JB has for many years made a special effort to write with the Friends, and many of her newest and best thoughts have first found utterance in Devonshire House. She was present on this occasion and delivered the speech of the evening' (The 'Shield' Jun 1898 p 111)

Mrs Andrew and Dr Kate Bushnell were also present

JB reviewed the situation in Europe, speaking with personal knowledge of the countries in question. A full text of the speech is printed in the 'Storm Bell' Jul 1898 pp 74-79

Biog: Lady Henry Somerset