Josephine Butler to Miss Mary Priestman

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Written from Wooler, Northumberland. No year but but reference to the Jubilee Conference of the Federation held Sep 1905]

Points out that the present agitation for re-imposing the CD Acts in some form are due to the ignorance of the present generation about the campaign for Repeal. Which in turn is due to the lapse of time since Repeal [in 1886]. The answer is educational work, and they should all be working out a plan of campaign. Burfoot's letter [copied in hers] emphasises the same point: considers that 'the principles announced at the Neuchatel Jubilee concerning the complete break down of Regulations abroad, is the right peg on which to hang this education.' JB ends by saying that it as well that Miss. P. does not go to Neuchatel as she will be more wanted at home.

Administrative / Biographical History

'Mr Stuart hopes that the LNA will work not only in denunciation of the present Government but ... in preparation for a future General Election'

The Conservatives remained in power from Jun 1895 to the end of 1905 under first Lord Salisbury and then A J Balfour. In Dec 1905 a Cabinet was formed under Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman

'The recent Congress in London has formulated a desire for something like the essence of the CD Acts to be restored'

(Quoted from Burfoot's letter copied out by JB in her letter)

'The principle announced at the Neuchatel jubilee concerning the complete breakdown of Regulations abroad'

This was to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Federation and was held at Neuchatel 26-29 Sep 1905. James Stuart presided

Biog: Maurice Gregory; Mr Burfoot