James Stuart to Mr Wilson

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Written from Liverpool (at the Butler's home). He is writing for Mrs Butler who is not well to say she is against the meeting at Sheffield proposed by Dr Hooppell. She thinks that Sheffield does not need rousing and 'we need all our money and force to arouse places elsewhere'. Makes reference to a letter in the Saturday 'Times' referring to 100 to 150 of Childers' falling off in voters to the CD Acts agitation during his election.

Administrative / Biographical History

'She thinks that just at present ... it is a bad time for a meeting such as Dr Hooppell proposes at Sheffield'

This must have been a passing fit of depression because JB attended the meeting in question held at Sheffield 29 Sep to inaugurate the 1st Regional Repeal League: 'The Northern Counties League' JB herself enthusiastically supported the scheme for her dear northern home county and her husband (the Rev George) was put on the Executive Committee

'letter in Saturday's 'Times' referring 100 to 150 of Childer's falling off in voters to the CD Acts agitation during his election

For note on this see letter of 16 Aug Mr Frederick Clark to HJ Wilson

Biog: Dr Hooppell, HCE Childers