Josephine Butler to Miss Prideaux

Scope and Content

Written from Liverpool. Prideaux had written to her about M Monod's pamphlet. Butler asks Miss Prideaux if she can find in any booksellers the 'Report of the Brighton Conference' [See note] and if she does to buy it for her. She goes on to say 'We printed 2000 of these addresses in the earnest hope of obtaining new subscribers among Christian people who will not enquire into our question, who could help us with money if they chose, but who do not. Mr Monod desired himself it should have this effect. We need funds greatly for the Geneva Congress.

Administrative / Biographical History

'Mr Monod's pamphlet.' 'The Brighton Meetings on Conference.' M Theodore Monod was a distinguished pastor and the leading Protestant preacher in Paris. He was a leading figure in the various Evangelical Meetings held in England and it was his address at the Brighton Conference of 1875 which was the pamphlet mentioned in this letter. JB says they had '2000 of these addresses printed in the earnest hope of thereby obtaining new subscriptions and M Monod desired himself it should have this effect.' In a diary of day to day doings kept by JB in 1877 there is an entry 9 May 1877: 'worked at Cambridge, wrote many letters, sent off some of M Monod's pamphlets.' The Brighton Conference, the first week of Jun 1875. See Note on this. Letter from JB and Mr and Mrs Wilson 7 Jun 1875 in which she speaks of the note she received from Mr George Appia from the Conference. Also some account of the Evangelical movement in England. 'We need funds greatly for the Geneva Congress.' This was the first big International Conference of the Federation held in Geneva in Sep 1877 when they drew up the Charter of the Federation. Biog: M Theodore Monod; Miss Prideaux.