Josephine Butler to her friend [Miss Priestman]

Scope and Content

Written from 419 Wandsworth Road, London SW. Announces that Lord Roberts has arrived in London and that he has sent in great haste to Mr Stead to tell him he must see him. Tells of an accident she had in Regent Street where she fell and struck her head, went in a cab to little Josephine's lodgings, and then later to her sister's house. Still feels the effects. She means to try to preside at the two meetings on the 24th.

Administrative / Biographical History

No year but follows on that of 10 Apr as it refers to Lord Roberts arriving in London and to Mr Lynn's arrangements for the annual meeting on the 24th]

'We have arranged all for the best for the 24'

The annual meeting of the LNA was held on 24May.

'Lord Robert's has arrived in London' At this stage Lord Robert's denied and contradicted all the allegations made by the two American ladies in their Report 'Statement of Facts', adding 'that any such state of things exists as this report describes is simply untrue' (RR 11 May) (See letter of 21 Mar)

'I had not slept for two nights thro' thinking of my dear sister ... went to Regent St to buy a wreath for her grave' This was JB's sister Eliza, Mrs Garston, who died 30 Apr 1893.

(See letter of 1 May 1893).

Biog: Mr Lynn, Lord Roberts, Mr WT Stead