RF Martineau to Mr Wilson

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Written from Holloway Head, Birmingham. Still on the East Stafford election [see letter of Jul 20]. After presenting the case Mr Jaffray said he would promise he would not oppose unconditional repeal. Martineau comments 'How different election matters look everywhere now!'

Administrative / Biographical History

'Jaffray is so nearly with us that he has given a promise which I regard as satisfactory' - This refers to the election in East Stafford discussed in an earlier letter from RFM to HJ Wilson dated 20 Jul, where he says his vote depends on whether Jaffray (the Liberal candidate) will go for repeal. (See note letter of 20 Jul)

'The League' - Northern Counties League for Repeal

'The League conduct at Bath seems to have made it quite popular'

'Jun 27 Bath election: Lord de Wilton elected - Wilton (Con) 2194; Hayter (Lib) 2143' (Rough Record 250)

8 Oct Bath election: Capt Hayter, defeated in Jun now elected. Hayter (Lib) 2210; Forsyth (Con) 2071. (Rough Record 254)

'We have almost competition for its patronage at Greenwich' - Aug 2 Greenwich election Dr Baxter Langley defeated. (Rough Record 253). From the 'Shield' of Aug 9 1873 p 261

'This election terminated on Saturday last. There were no less than 6 candidates in the field and the close of the ballot showed the following result: Mr Boord 4525; Dr Baxter Langley 2379; Mr Angerstein 1063; Sir John Bennett 324; Mr Coningsby 27; Mr Pook 27

Mr Boord, the candidate elected, promised to vote for Repeal. Mr Angerstein, the Govt nominee was in favour of the Acts. Sir John Bennett supported the Acts

Biog: Jaffray, Baxter Langley, Sir John Bennett