Josephine Butler to 'Dearest Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Photocopy of a letter. Written from Havelock House [Wooler, Northumberland]

Tells her not to be troubled by not being able to attend the Conference at Neuchatel [See Note]; 'You and I will go in spirit to Neuchatel and pray for all good.'

She will write to Mme Pieczynska and tell her to make good use of her [Miss F's] Rescue work paper. She has had a most lovely visit from Mrs Terrell; 'we prayed for you and about the Neuchatel Jubilee' She does not believe in this great Jubilation about Peace; 'Japan has acted sincerely, but Russia has not yet repented...'

Administrative / Biographical History

'The Neuchatel Jubilee'

The Congress to celebrate the Jubilee of the Federation met at Neuchatel 26-29 Sep 1905. JB was by that time unable to face the journey but had hoped Miss Forsaith would represent her. [See the correspondence between them on the addresses she was to have delivered in person, 3 Jan, 28 Mar, Apr, 7 Jun 1905]

Unfortunately Miss F was also unable to attend because of ill health

'I never believed in this great Jubilation about Peace'

Treaty of Peace between Russia and Japan signed 28 Aug 1905 (Peace of Portsmouth) ending the Russo-Japanese War

'I am going to write to Madame P[ieczynska] to tell her to ... make good use of your paper [on Rescue work]'

(See letter of 7 Jun [1905] JB to Miss P

Biog: M de Meuron; Mme Pieczynska; Mrs Terrell