Josephine Butler to Mr Wilson

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Written from Liverpool. First an appeal from Paris for an Englishman well versed in the Cause to work in France; secondly a report on the progress of Repeal work in Italy and the real enthusiasm for it; newspapers all over Italy full of the movement. Wishes she could proclaim all this in Daily or Weekly newspapers; thirdly speaks of the Aldershot case (Mrs Percy). Meetings in Liverpool showing that the blame lay with the Law. Letter by JB to be sent to each member of the Federation enclosed.

Administrative / Biographical History

'my niece Edith'

i.e. Edith Leupold daughter of JB's eldest sister Eliza. Edith was married to a Swiss and lived at Genoa

'Aldershot Case'

See note on letter of 3 Apr 1875

In letter addressed to Members of the Federation Executive Committee enclosed in above: 'A meeting of all the Protestant Pastors is being held today in Paris' In the beginning of the campaign in Paris Josephine's supporters were all drawn from the Protestant community. Later she found allies among the Catholic hierarchy, helped thereto by the warm support of Cardinal Manning of Westminster who furnished her with introductions

'Simpson spoke magnificently Bligh tells me'

The occasion was a meeting of working men held at Liverpool on the night of 8 Apr to hear about the Percy case (see note above). This was the first of a series of lectures begun by Mr Simpson and Mr Burgess for working men in 1875 resulting in the forming of 'the Working Men's National League for the Repeal of the CD Acts'

Biog: Mr Arthur Albright; Mr Shaen; Mrs Venturi; Joseph Nathan; Edith Leupold; Mr Stansfeld; Mr Bligh; M Llewelyn

William Simpson