Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

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Photocopy of a letter.

The letter is devoted to a discussion of religious texts and to the Pentecostal revival in Wales. First she comments on the recent discoveries of texts, such as the Papyri in Egypt and the recent writings of scholars especially on the Book of Revelations, all of which makes the Bible more intelligible to educated people.

Then the Revival in Wales; she has been asked by people on the Continent to tell them about as the European papers are full of comments upon it. She will give her views on it; first that this Revival in Wales is quite unlike the co-called revivals with which they have been familiar, brought to them by Americans such as Moody and Sankey...such are 'got up' with much advertisement and expense and their leaders are always in evidence. She has had many communications direct from Wales, some of them from Quakers, and beyond the shadow of a doubt 'it is a Divine Visitation' 'it is Pentecost continued'. Also it is truly an 'Ethical Revival'... no crime nor profanity nor gambling nor drunkenness where- ever the sacred fire is burning. The magistrates have nothing to do. Evan Roberts (a poor miner with little education, speaking only Welsh) is the centre of the Movement in the South but he only says a few words and if he thinks anyone is coming to see or hear him, he quietly disappears and goes to another village. Meetings are held day and night without any leaders. In North Wales another 'humble, inspired evangelist' has appeared, on Evan Jones.

Administrative / Biographical History

3 Mar 1905

'Something I wrote appeared in French; but I will give it to you here, in English, and more freely'

This is the fullest account in any of JB's letters of the Pentecostal movement in Wales, drawn from first hand accounts sent her by friends whom she knew were reliable observers

Her first account may be read in a letter of Dec 7 1904 JB to Miss Forsaith; with a note

Further references in her letters are:

15 Feb 1904

11 Jan 1905

20 Jan 1905

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8 Feb 1905

12 Feb 1905

16 Feb 1905

'Old Baron Prisse, brother of Emile de Laveleye ... asked me for an account [of the Revival in Wales] to publish in the Catholic Press of Belgium'

See letter of 20 Jan 1905 JB to Miss Forsaith

Biog: Mme Pieczynska; Dr Carter; Emile de Lavaleye; Moody and Sankey; Torrey and Alexander; Evan Roberts; Mr Allan of Glasgow; Evan Jones